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Kiwanians are individuals who want to become personally involved in making their communities and the world better places in which to live and work.  Through the Kiwanis, they can accomplish far more than individuals can do alone.  Working together, members voluntarily share the challenge of community improvement and leadership, assuming personal responsibilities for humanitarian and civic projects that public authorities are not prepared or able to do.  Membership is made up of people from a cross section of business, vocational, institutional, educational or professional life.  Membership in a Kiwanis club connects a person with the community and other individuals he or she wouldn't otherwise know.  Club members learn about developments and happenings in their community during their regular club gatherings.  They also enjoy new social and business networking opportunities with the wide variety of members in their club.  And, together, they combine their interests and skills to improve their community in ways that make a real impact in the lives of others, particularly children.  As part of a local club, members have the opportunity to:
    Learn firsthand about local, national and international issues

    Improve and use leadership skills

    Participate in the life of their community and world

    Develop lifelong friendships

    Make business and professional contacts


Kiwanis membership provides an excellent opportunity to expand your present leadership skills through participation in service projects to help children and our local community.  Each Kiwanis club selects the number and scope of its service projects.  While our club is relatively new, the number of service hours asked of members is small.  As our membership grows, we will be called upon to support a wider range of activities.


We expect you to agree to do the following things:

  • Bring a happy, friendly attitude to all Kiwanis functions
  • Attend as many club meetings as your family, health and business allow
  • Donate two to three hours per month to Kiwanis by:
    • Participating in two or three service projects per year
    • Helping with our occasional fund raising projects
  • Keep your club quarterly dues paid in a timely manner
  • Bring into Kiwanis three members per year
  • If you must leave our club, find a replacement for yourself before leaving.

Each club selects its members from the surrounding community.  Kiwanis clubs look for persons over 18 years old who are interested in their community and other people, and they seek members who can contribute four to six hours a month for club activities and projects.  Kiwanis has a long-standing tradition that you must be asked by a Kiwanian to join a local club!  Therefore, we invite interested people to attend the meeting, meet current members and enjoy the speaker and meal.  Your application will be reviewed by the club’s board of directors for final approval of your new membership.  The club established a $65 induction fee, quarterly dues plus meal costs.  This investment helps provide funds to administer the club, provide a newsletter, a monthly MO/ARK newsletter and an annual subscription to the Kiwanis magazine.   Our Kiwanis club meets regularly for lunch, fellowship and a stimulating program.  At the first organizational meeting, members will establish the dues, meeting location, meeting day and time.

New members participate in an orientation program which helps them determine how to become involved in ways that best match their personal interests and skills.  Members quickly learn that the benefits of membership increase with their level of participation in their club.  They find the "Kiwanis Connection" to be an excellent fit in their personal and professional lives.

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