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Gary Logan

Added 2/29/14

Community of Christ Church  & Independence Kiwanis

Southeast Asia topics: 

Understand Culture:  An introduction to Cultural Intelligence  20-90 minutes

What is Culture? How do we think about culture? How do we interact with those from another culture? Using games, music, and images, we explore how our American culture is changing and how we can become more culturally competent in our relationships with those who are not quite like us.


Travel Stories in Asia                   20-45 minutes

Gary has traveled extensively throughout Asia. Moving from place to place, we share experiences with the people, food, customs, music and living conditions in a variety of countries from India to Japan.  Through images, music, crafts, stories and traditional dress, these cultures “come alive.”

Working in Thailand                      20-45 minutes

As the owner/CEO of Synago Consulting, works with folks from every part of life in developing a deeper appreciation for, and understanding of, the many cultures in which we live and work. One of his clients works with at-risk youth in northern Thailand. We explore their work to break the cycle of poverty through education and community service.

Run 4 Life, Run 4 Love                 20-45 minutes

Gary is a passionate runner (slow but persistent!) and runs races to raise awareness (and money) of issues about poverty. Ending poverty is a goal that has inspired him to run thousands of miles and raise thousands of dollars over the last twenty years. We explore ways in which each of us can do something we love, while making our world a better place for others. All of life is an adventure. Every day brings new experiences, new friends, new ideas, and new joys.

Travel  816-786-5953










Brad Zimmerman - Added 4/7/2010 Chestnut Fine Arts Center, Olathe The Chestnut Theatre - A new small theater in Olathe featuring musicals.  Presenters will provide background and sing a few numbers from recent performances www.chestnutfinearts.com Music 913-764-2121


Chuck Haddock KCUR Radio, KCMO The Fish Fry on Friday night Music 816-235-1551
Warren Beck Overland Park Kiwanis Big Band Era Music 913-339-6809
Dick Wilson 94.9 KCMO Radio Oldies Radio Music 816-576-7949
Juanita Moore, Director Added 4/14/05 American Jazz Museum
American Jazz Museum - the institution that honors Kansas City, Missouri, the mother of swing and the nurturer of Bebop.
Music 816-784-1117

Mr. Jerry Fogel

Film Commission for Greater KC MO Film Commission - Jerry Fogel, veteran star of films, television and radio, will talk about his continuing efforts to promote Kansas City as a place to make movies Entertainment 816-221-5242

Kimberly Ried

Added 2/05

National Archives, KCMO Historical and Genealogy Research at the National Archives Family History 816 268-8000 kimberlee.ried@nara.gov
John Paul Lambertson,  Director - Added 4/19/05 National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, MO 3 Trails History - One of the most fascinating epics in American History is the story of the overland migrations across the western American wilderness during the mid-nineteenth century. History 816-325-7575


Ross Marshall Oregon California Trails Assn, Merriam, KS The Oregon-California Trail History



Mike Medhurst Overland Park, KS Historical Documents and Photos History 913-851-8462
Dr. Pete Cuppage, Shawnee, KS - Added 12/21/05   Lewis and Clark Exploration

Alternate Speaker:  Dan Sturdevant 816-421-4783 (O)


913-631-3055 pgcuppage@aol.com

Jay Smith Kansas City Museum Exhibits at the Kansas City Museum      History

816-483-8300 (o)

816-813-0228 (m)

Contact Speakers Bureau -  Added 7/31/06

Liberty Memorial Association

100 W 26th St, KCMO

Liberty Memorial - The most important World War I museum facility in the world.  http://theworldwar.org/
Military History



Paul Lamp - Added 2/05

Merchant Marines Veteran, KCMO Merchant Marines the little known branch of the military which shipped virtually all the military personnel and materiel in World War II, and suffered the highest casualty rate in that war.  Military History 816-436-3309
Sue Ridings Independence Kiwanis Trip to China - slides

Other destinations also available

Travel 816-796-9915
T. L. McCown Author of Shifting Sands

Life in Arabia with a Saudi Princess The presentation includes a book signing for those purchasing a book from her.

Arabian Culture www.tlmccown.com and emailtl@yahoo.com