TIPS for a successful MOM'S DAY BABY SHOWER



·    Provide the director with a list of baby items your service agency will be requesting from customers.

·    Request the name of the store contact person you will coordinate with on the day of the Baby Shower

·    Determine where you will be located at the store and how many entrance doors you will be allowed to cover.  Is space available for a display/donation table?  Determine who will supply tables and chairs for the volunteers.

·    Can you display posters and banners at the store, where, and when?  Identify both your Kiwanis club and the service agency.  In the past, some store directors have preferred to provide the posters. 

·    Ask if you can give handouts to store patrons as they enter the store that day at each entrance door. The service agency should provide a handout listing the baby items needed that are available at your store. You will need approximately 500 handouts. A sample flyer, poster, and handout are included in this letter (please modify according to YOUR agency needs, including the correct aisle numbers).

·    If the store director will not permit handouts or personal contact with the store patrons, it is CRUCIAL that your display attract patrons to approach you.  A large poster attached to your table stating “HELP NEEDY BABIES” or similar words plus balloons and other attractions are vital.  See the site for examples on the Mom’s Day photo page.

·    Is the advertised time of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM right for you, or do you want to extend the time? 

·    Ask if the store can provide in-store promotions





  1. Set up a table and chairs for your display; a Kiwanis banner or sign, Mother's Day balloons to attract attention and a large poster attached to your table stating “HELP NEEDY BABIES” or similar words. 
  2. Put posters on the entry doors to let the customers know what to expect.
  3. Both the Kiwanis club and the service agency may want to have promotional literature available for shoppers interested in your programs
  4. Determine the number of volunteers needed to bring visibility to this event. At least one service agency representative per information/donation table plus two Kiwanians at each entrance door will be needed.
  5. Collect shopping carts and pass them to customers with handouts as you describe the event.
  6. Consider how to display and manage the donated items next to your donation table. You may want to have a large amount of items available to visibly show your success, tempered by the available space.  You may want to use a playpen or grocery carts to receive the donated items.
  7. Display a Jumbo Baby Bottle Bank, or clip dollar bills to the playpen (or a grocery cart) to promote cash donations. If any checks are received, have the check written to the service agency. Be sure the service agency representative knows the exact wording for the check payee.
  8. Place one service agency representative in the baby center to answer questions about their baby care program and help with selection of needed items. Obtain permission from the store director to put special tags on the needed items.
  9. One club learned that people seem to be more generous if the club takes photos of the donations being made.  Please provide to the Metro Council coordinator a copy of your best photos with your final report.  (A photo of a child making a donation would be great!)
  10. Ask your club members to wear Kiwanis clothing, or otherwise identify themselves as Kiwanians.
  11. Sales people have suggested that your success may be enhanced by handing out flyers, by not pressuring the customers, and by not spending your entire time sitting behind a table.


  1. Make arrangements to deliver the donated items to the service agency and take photos.
  2. Issue a press release to your local newspaper, with a photo of the event or of your club making the presentation to the benefiting Young Children service agency.
  3. Complete and return the inventory of donated items, including an estimated total value, along with copies of your best photos.




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