Division 4 Club Meeting Schedules Information


Blue Springs                       Pizza Shoppe, 1005 W Main, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, noon     [1st is business only]

Blue Valley                          Salvation Army Center, 6618 Truman Road, 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 12:15pm

e-Centennial                      via internet or conference calls

Harrisonville                       Sapp Brothers Restaurant, I-49 (Hwy 291) & Hwy 7, Tuesdays, 12:10 pm

Independence                  Ophelia’s Restaurant, NE corner of Independence Square, Tuesdays, noon

KC-Downtown                  Pierpont’s at Union Station, Main & Pershing, Thursdays, 12:10pm

KC – Midtown                    7601 Prospect (Community Room), Thursdays, 8:00 am 

Lee’s Summit:                    John Knox Village Lakeside Room, 500 NW Shamrock, Tuesdays, 6:00pm

Raytown 3 Trails               Raytown Wellness Center, 10301 E 350 Hwy, 2nd & 4th Thursdays, noon

Warrensburg                     Western Missouri Medical Center, Conference Room #2, 1st Tuesdays, noon


Division 4 Club Information


Blue Springs:                          

                Website:                  none reported

                Facebook:                 KiwanisClubofBlueSprings


President:                                Al Michelson

                                                Phone                                      816-229-5776

                                                Email                                        alan.michelson@yahoo.com

                                Immediate-past Pres.:                 not filled

                                                Phone                                      _

                                                Email                                        _

                                President-elect:                        Judy Michelson

                                                Phone                                      816-229-5776

                                                Email                                        judy.michelson@yahoo.com



Secretary/Treasurer: Dayla Fullerton

                                                Phone                                      816-558-2766

                                                Email                                        dayla@fullertoncpa.com

                                Membership:                            Pat Hatley

                                                Phone                                      phatley@hotmail.com

                                                Email                                        816-510-6940


Blue Valley:                           

Website:                  moark4.com/bluevalley/

Facebook:                none reported


                                President:                                Samantha Stewart

                                                Phone                                      816-838-1662

                                                Email                                        stewart_samantha_38@yahoo.com

                                Immediate-past Pres.:                 Don Leming

                                                Phone                                      360-629-2111

                                                Email                                        kansashighdriver@aol.com

                                President-elect:                        Jerry Morales

                                                Phone                                      816-241-2648

                                                Email                                        jerrymko@sbcglobal.net

                                Secretary/Treasurer:                 Roger Kelley

                                                Phone                                      816-807-8710

                                                Email                                        rogerkelley82@gmail.com

                                Membership:                            Don Leming

                                                Phone                                      360-629-2111

                                                Email                                        kansashighdriver@aol.com



                Website:                  none reported

                Facebook:                none reported


President:                                Cheryl Anderson

                                                Phone                                      816-550-3246

                                                Email                                        clanderson8247@sbcglobal.net

                                Immediate-past Pres.:                 John Hoffman

                                                Phone                                      816-805-1671

                                                Email                                        lifewell@comcast.net

                                President-elect:                        Deb Hoffman

                                                Phone                                      816-345-0549

                                                Email                                        lifewell2@comcast.net

                                Secretary:                                Tamara Caldwell

                                                Phone                                      870-565-6564

                                                Email                                        tammye1015@hotmail.com

                                Treasurer:                                Linda James

                                                Phone                                      636-284-8052

                                                Email                                        lindakjames@gmail.com

                                Membership:                            Barbara Thompson

                                                Phone                                      317-780-4464

                                                Email                                        barbthompson-4kiwanis@gmail.com



Website:                  moark4.com/Harrisonville/

Facebook:                 Kiwanis of Harrisonville Missouri


President:                                Teresa Foss

                                                Phone                                      816-582-4457

                                                Email                                        fossteresag@gmail.com


Immediate-past Pres.:                 Teryna Wells

                                                Phone                                      816-809-9568

                                                Email                                        tljewe.tw@gmail.com


                                President-elect:                        not filled

                                                Phone                                      _

                                                Email                                        _

                                Secretary:                                Walt Bruens

                                                Phone                                      816-916-9403

                                                Email                                        waltbruens@gmail.com

                                Treasurer:                                Robert Pettyman

                                                Phone                                      816-807-1886

                                                Email                                                        not reported

                                Membership:                            not filled

                                                Phone                                      _

                                                Email                                        _



Website:                 independencekiwanisclub.org

Facebook:                none reported


                                President:                                Mark Baumann

                                                Phone                                      816-878-3636

                                                Email                                       15rightstuff@gmail.com

                                Immediate-past Pres.:            Mary House

                                                Phone                                      816-392-1153

                                                Email                                       mhouse@cruiseplanners.com

                                President-elect:                      Randy House

                                                Phone                                      816-796-9400

                                                Email                                       randallhouse@prodigy.net

Secretary:                                Christina Heinen

                                                Phone                                      816-729-3153

                                                Email                                       cheinen@indepmo.org

                                Treasurer:                               Gary Logan

                                                Phone                                      816-786-5935

                                                Email                                       garywlogan@me.com

                                Membership:                          not filled

                                                Phone                                      _

                                                Email                                       _


Kansas City – Downtown:     

Website:                  kcdowntownkiwanis.com

Facebook:                none reported


President:                                Michael Tritt

                                                Phone                                      913-219-6890

                                                Email                                        mtritt@gmail.com

                                Immediate-past Pres.:                 Ed Redhair

                                                Phone                                      816-674-8565

                                                Email                                        edred1952@gmail.com

                                President-elect:                        Kimberly Kass

                                                Phone                                      816-589-4785

                                                Email                                        kimberlyjkass@gmail.com

                                Secretary:                                Ron Carruthers

                                                Phone                                      816-442-2845

                                                Email                                        rcarrutherskc@gmail.com

                                Treasurer:                                Jim Flanagan

                                                Phone                                      816-333-8947

                                                Email                                        jim@emerickcpa.com

                                Membership:                            John Ricks

                                                Phone                                      816-741-0548

                                                Email                                        jricks165@gmail.com


Kansas City – Midtown:        

Website:                 moark4.com/midtown/

Facebook:                none reported        


                                President:                                Allene Tolliver        

                                                Phone                                      816-663-3989

                                                Email                                       toliverallene@gmail.com

Immediate Past-Pres.:            not filled due to recycling of 2018-19 officers

                                                Phone                                      _

                                                Email                                       _


                                President-elect                       Ester Jackson

                                                Phone                                      816-356-2836

                                                Email                                       gunnelskc@sbcglobal.net

                                Secretary:                                Larry Tolliver

                                                Phone                                      816-663-3990

                                                Email                                       ltolliver8121@gmail.com

                                Treasurer:                               Forestal Lawton

                                                Phone                                      816-739-6688

Email                                       mrl8334@aol.com

                                Membership:                          Raymond Handy

                                                Phone                                                      none reported

                                                Email                                       eunamhandyaol.com


Lee’s Summit:                        

Website:                  moark4.com/leessummit/

Facebook:                none reported


President:                                Doug Stoll

                                                Phone                                      816-304-2721

                                                Email                                        dstoll@gmail.com

                                Immediate-past Pres.:                 Jack Beilfuss

                                                Phone                                      765-967-7783

                                                Email                                        jackbsr@comcast.net

                                President-elect:                        Cheryl Anderson

                                                Phone                                      816-550-3246

                                                Email                                        clanderson8247@sbcglobal.net

                                Secretary:                                Karen Jones

                                                Phone                                      816-377-7240

                                                Email                                        ksorrison@hotmail.com

                                Treasurer:                                Richard Veasman

                                                Phone                                      816-260-1160

                                                Email                                        rveas@aol.com

                                Membership:                            Cheryl Anderson

                                                Phone                                      816-550-3246

                                                Email                                        clanderson8247@sbcglobal.net





Raytown – Three Trails:        

Website:                  moark4.com/raytown/


Facebook:                 RaytownThreeTrailsKiwanis

President:                                Brian Ross

                                                Phone                                      816-522-8609

                                                Email                                        brian.ross@edwardjones.com

                                Immediate-past Pres.:                 Chad Bruton

                                                Phone                                      816-588-8232

                                                Email                                        chad.bruton@raytownschools.org



President-elect:                        Mary Lee Skitek

                                                Phone                                      816-853-1704

                                                Email                                        mlskitek@comcast.net

                                Secretary:                                Ola Davis

                                                Phone                                      816-589-5345

                                                Email                                        olahubbard88@gmail.com

                                Treasurer:                                Larry Schulze

                                                Phone                                      816-810-1978

                                                Email                                        larry@tayloredways.com



Membership:                            Daneen Thurman

                                                Phone                                      816-678-4839

                                                Email                                        daneen.t@psllp.biz